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Our teams of qualified tourism professionals are continuously developing new and improved products that adapt to the changes and needs of all of our world-class destinations. 

The accumulated experience in the attention of passengers and a constant training of the personnel of our structure, allows us to position ourselves as specialist operators in the field.

In order to always provide better services to passengers and groups, 

we have developed a comprehensive plan to bring the local tourism proposal to excellence.

Our business plan in St. George includes the training and formation of travel guides and coordinators through an in-house tourism school. Our formally trained professionals set us apart from our competition. These professionals will remain at your disposal and allows us to say in all confidence that you can count on us in all areas of your Receptive Tourism needs.

SINCE 1990

We always say that our history is the product of the work of a great team that has walked the path of experience. For us, travel and tourism is a beautiful philosophy of life that began in 1990 in Patagonia, Argentina.  Our first travel packages were formed for university and family groups.  Even through our formation in the 90’s we were dedicated to keeping the highest standards of quality and service…


We expanded with operations to the world class waterfall destination of Iguazu Falls in northern Argentina and southern Brazil.  We were recognized in the market for our outstanding, high-quality service given by our Argentine operators and for the number of passengers transported per year to the destination.


We continued expanding our world-class tourism efforts by offering trips to Cuzco, Peru and Machu Pichu. Our clients loved the historical and cultural values imbued on these trips.  During this time frame, many members of our team were able to take advantage of a professional tourism training offered in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico by their Secretary of Tourism. This training helped us obtain the success that led to the development of an infrastructure complete with offices and transportation vehicles including company owned mini-vans and buses.


We expanded our services to include destinations in the United States including the tourism and historical sites of New York City, Washington D.C., Boston, MA, and the mountain ranges of West Virginia.


Our Total Quality philosophy promotes the continuous improvement of our organization and the commitment of all of its members, focusing on the satisfaction of both internal and external customers. We have top-down total commitment to quality.

All members of our organization periodically complete continuing education through our in-house training center for each area of the company.  We know that our growth depends on the satisfaction of our clients. Therefore, we put our best effort into understanding their current and future needs in order to exceed their expectations. Our actions are always adapting based on the continuous measurement of the client’s tastes and needs.

We understand that with technical quality, it is possible to grow in the current competitive market and a good organization ensures a service that meets the highest satisfaction standards. 

We mobilize and channel the efforts of the organization, setting the course and benchmarks for the rest of the members of our company.

We plan and develop the strategic policy of the company, with the purpose of transmitting those ideas to the rest of the organization. We understand that quality begins with us, promoting ethics, values, discipline, order, punctuality and cordiality. By consistently following these principles, we inspire our providers to accompany us in achieving ultimate client and guest satisfaction.


Generate Jobs with integrity

Be attentive to the needs of each team member.

Innovate by applying the creative ingenuity necessary to be the best, the fastest and the first.

Encourage people to work passionately, achieving the commitment of our team.

Develop healthy and ethical businesses, fulfilling our promises.

Success is the only option.

our mission

We are an avant-garde, dynamic company without paradigms, committed to society. We do smart and profitable business. We are always one step ahead of our customers’ needs. We turn each tourist into an ambassador of our destination. We help our clients achieve success. We promote development with professionals who accompany our project.


To be a company recognized for its ethics, professionalism and commitment that acts without borders. Position ourselves as strategic partners of our internal and external clients. To be the leading company in each segment explored, and to have a specialist in each business unit. Project a dynamic, agile and efficient company that ensures the development of human capital. Generate the commitment of collaborators and suppliers to achieve objectives, always respecting values.


All residents of the Saint George, Cedar City and Las Vegas Area have the possibility to register and participate in our courses.


(800) 736-5040

(800) 736-5040

168 N 100 E, St. George, UT 84770, EE. UU.