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TB&B SPORTS is a business unit of the parent company TRAVEL BUREAU & BUSINESS with offices in St. George, Utah, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and Buenos Aires, Argentina, which is dedicated to the representation and intermediation of professional soccer players and coaches from around the world.


We also provide a complete consultancy and marketing in general.

We have a wide experience in the world of soccer and an extensive network of contacts at all levels (managers, businessmen and colleagues) which allows us to facilitate, develop and expand our work to a worldwide spectrum.


Within our objectives we pay special attention to maintain a personalized, human and respectful treatment with our professionals.

We prioritize the improvement of their skills through a complete support in transfers, marketing, legal advice and career planning, always within a total transparency of procedures for our clients as well as for all parties involved in any operation.


Fernando Ariel Marenssi was born on May 15, 1970, he is a former Argentine professional soccer player, he is our General Manager and soccer players representative (Licensed Agent AFA PLAYERS FIFA PLAYERS LICENSE NUMBER 05-071 ARGENTINE FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION), who in turn had an extensive career as a professional soccer player from 1985 to 1995 playing in first division teams in ARGENTINA, CHILE and CENTRAL AMERICA.

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His trajectory as a player allowed him to capitalize a wide experience in the integral advising to soccer players, tasks that he has developed with singular success since the initiation of the company in the field, which has led it to maintain a high position in the market.

It maintains a high level of contacts with players and clubs at national and international level. Its connections include different clubs in South America, Mexico, Europe and Asia.


– Representation
– Sports Consultancy
– Legal Counseling
– Labor Consulting
– Tax Consultancy

– Administration
– Medical advice
– Comprehensive service coverage
– Communication
– Image


We have a work team of excellent perception for the identification of future talents.

We provide a comprehensive and personalized service for the management of the soccer player’s career, so that he can concentrate exclusively on his sporting role and his performance on the field.



TB&B SPORTS has a wide and qualified network of local and foreign contacts, joining a qualified team with the necessary knowledge to reach agreements that guarantee the best contractual conditions for all interested parties.

It is necessary to point out that the objective of the intermediation of players is not simply to offer players for their simple fact, but as a previous step, a detailed analysis of the country of destination, forms of play, standard of living, market studies and adequacy to the systems of the coaches on duty is carried out.

All this system and in order to minimize mistakes when offering a player, is complemented by the exclusive use of an international web platform, which provides access to observe all the matches played in the different leagues and markets of the world.


We count on the advice of a qualified staff of professionals in all legal, accounting, administrative, legal and financial areas, constantly watching over the safety of our players.

Marketing and career planning for players

Management and promotion of the image in the professional soccer player’s own communication channels (website, social networks, mobile applications) and sports marketing.

We personally take care of building an appropriate personal image in order to increase the recognition of his sports career and support him with the search for the best commercial opportunities to achieve additional income.